— Bohemia Crystal Czech Republic

 Дата публикации: 27.11.2021

Crystal has been valued for its beauty from time immemorial. Tableware for various purposes is actively made from it. It can be collectible, souvenir, gift, as well as tableware for everyday use.

Colored crystalCrystal, although similar to ordinary glass, has significant differences from it. The main difference lies in its composition. Glass must contain at least 24% lead oxide. The composition of the crystal multiplies the level of refraction of light rays. You can admire a crystal product for hours, because each of the creations is distinguished by its uniqueness.

Crystal products are produced in many countries, but products from the Czech Republic are especially appreciated. A large number of workshops are located on the territory of this country, where experienced and talented craftsmen make high-quality tableware from Bohemian crystal. Czech Republic is the birthplace of Bohemian crystal. Here it is equated to a national treasure. Therefore, many connoisseurs of art and ordinary lovers of high-quality goods are not averse to acquiring dishes made of Czech crystal.

Colored crystal glasses can be purchased at the Aleks Crystal s.r.o. under the link Originally a manufacturer of Bohemian crystal Aleks Crystal s.r.o. was focused on the domestic market of the Czech Republic. At the moment, the company successfully trades with many European countries, supplying them with original products of its own manufacture.